A Whirlwind Summer!

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Nearly 4 months ago, on Tuesday 24th July, we opened the doors to ‘Kindred Spirits.’ For the first half an hour no-one walked through the door and the first hint of panic set in…what have we done?? No-one’s interested…shall we just drink all the stock and forget about it??

Fortunately, the panic didn’t have to last long, and we served our first customer – a bottle of Lussa Gin. They were quickly followed by our second, third, fourth and so on in to the 100s. The last eight months of planning, excitement, disappointments, huge solicitor bills, late night brainstorming sessions, meeting producers and refurbishing had culminated in a unique shop that people actually want to come in…phew!

Since opening we’ve had a fantastic response from visitors and locals alike; we’ve nearly run out of bottles on more than one occasion; we’ve had a costly spillage of precious cask strength whisky; welcomed a new member of staff; had many arguments discussions about window displays; made friends with neighbouring businesses; witnessed rogue sheep running up the street; winced at children squirting the contents of the demijohns on the floor; fought off wasps trying to steal a sip of sugary liqueurs; personalised bottles for newlyweds, ruby anniversaries and 80th birthdays …all to the chorus of “oooh, rhubarb crumble gin” from passers-by!

Today we served our 2500th customer(!!) and we are looking forward to what the next few months will bring. We don’t know what the winter will have in store, but we’re pretty sure the late night brain storming sessions are here to stay!




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