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Dedicated to Craft Spirits

Here at Kindred Spirits we work directly with a selection of truly authentic, British distillers who passionately handcraft spirits of the highest quality using small batch production techniques.

We meet with all our producers in person to learn more about their production processes and find out what it is that makes their product so unique.

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Explore unique flavours & tastes

Many of our producers draw inspiration and ingredients from their local environment, creating products that embody their idyllic locations. Some ingredients are grown a short tractor ride away, such as creamy Maris Piper Potatoes which are distilled in to an exceptionally smooth potato vodka. Others must work a little harder for their ingredients, going to such lengths as kayaking in open waters to collect sea lettuce for use in a wonderfully botanical gin.

Handcrafted from start to finish

To remain in keeping with the spirit of handcrafted produce we bottle everything on the shop floor once a customer has sampled and chosen a product. We offer a choice from a range of bottle shapes and sizes, including some which stack allowing for exploration of the range without filling up the drinks cabinet! We add a further personal element by handwriting the product information on our bottles and a special message can be included for gifts and keepsakes.