Apothecary Rose Gin, 39% ABV


Old Curiosity, Edinburgh

Sometimes over-looked in store due to the association with perfume, the rose provides a strong scent, however it’s delicate to taste with just a little sweetness.


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Naturally colour changing gin

The distillery herb garden is home to over 600 varieties of flowers  & herbs

The range of gin flavours are created by owner, Hamish, a keen herbologist

Our Insights

This is the perfect drink at the end of a long summer day, or the more common, rainy summer day to brighten your mood! Despite not being the most commonly tasted in store, we encourage customers to give it a go and the majority are pleasantly surprised by the subtle floral flavour.

From the Distiller

The backbone for this gin is Juniper and Coriander where the seeds and berries are lightly crushed, Angelica Root and the subtler flavours of the Angelica Leaf are used in conjunction with Winter Savory – a plant not dissimilar to Rosemary but with more subtle notes. These four botanicals offer a smooth, elegant, and light base gin, to which we add freshly distilled Apothecary Rose. With hints of Turkish delight and brown sugar on the palate and potpourri on the nose, this is a gorgeous, smooth gin that is as refreshing as it is beautiful.

Perfect serve

We, and the producer, recommend keeping it simple with a good quality, light tonic and plenty of ice

The Old Curiosity Distillery

Edinburgh, Scotland

Hamish Martin is a wine merchant turned herbologist who bought a derelict plot of land in the Pentlands in 2012 with his wife Liberty. They cultivated this land into a secret herb garden with over 600 naturally grown and tendered herbs, with a café and arts centre on site. In 2016, Hamish began experimenting with a still, his hand grown herbs and gin. By accident, he discovered the magic of nature – a colour changing gin! From that, the Old Curiosity Distillery was established in 2017, offering a core range of subtly flavoured gins as well as monthly special edition.

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