West Country Apple Brandy, 42% ABV


Somerset Cider Brandy Co., Martock

Distilled from cider this 10-year-old Brandy from Somerset has a rich, fruity body with a slight hint of spice.


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First licensed Cider Brandy Distillery in the UK

Apples grown on Burrow Hill Family Farm

Every bottle is traceable back to its source orchard

Our Insights

The closest thing to compare this Brandy to would be Calvados, but that would be doing it a disservice. It’s made from apples grown at the family run Burrow Hill Farm, which are brewed into cider before distilling and ageing for 10 years before we are graced with its presence.

From the Distiller

Swirled gently in the glass it reminds you of autumn leaves, ripe fruit, wildflowers and the sunshine of the Somerset Countryside. The palate is complex with a Christmas pudding richness, full of subtle bouquets and aromas.

Perfect serve

Not sure we really need to explain this one…a big glug in your favourite glass!

Somerset Cider Brandy Co.

Martock, Somerset

The Somerset Cider Brandy Company has been pressing Cider at Burrow Hill for over 200 years. They were granted the UKs first cider-distilling license and have been reviving the ancient art of cider brandy production since 1989. They take special care to ensure the best quality, even after ageing for up to 15 years in oak casks, each bottle can be traced back to its source orchard. Somerset Cider Brandy is the Cornish pasty of the spirits world – it cannot be named Somerset Cider Brandy when bottled outside of Somerset, therefore, you will see our bottles and casks displayed as “West Country Apple Brandy”.

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