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Standard UK Delivery £5.95 | Free on orders over £40

Bottle for Life

With over 60 British craft spirits available in refill pouches our beautiful Bottle for Life is designed to be refilled again and again.

Once you have devoured whats in your bottle, return to the website to select your next spirit, and continue your journey into British Craft Spirits.

20% to 55% ABV
£25.45 - £65.45 Select your Spirit

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  • Reuse​

    By choosing Bottle for Life you're keeping glass bottles out of the recycling bin. So no only does it look greet, it does good too!

  • Refillable

    Refills are the way forward. They're more environmentally friendly to ship, and easier to recycle. Just refill your BFL.

  • Extensive Range

    With our interchangeable tags you can choose a pouch of any product from our range of 60+ products

  • Save money

    By buying a bottle once and refilling over and over you're only paying for one glass bottle which saves on average 20%!


A Bottle to be refilled over and over again!

With products from over 20 British craft distilleries available in our refill pouches you can enjoy up to 60 different spirits in the same bottle.



We designed this bottle to not only look beautiful, but to provide a functionality not available anywhere else.

The interchangeable tags allow you to refill the same bottle with any product from our full range of 60+ craft spirits regardless of what you first filled it with meaning the ultimate versatility for our customers.


Spoilt for choice? Try a tasting set!

Find your new favourite drink with our tasting sets including 5 x 50ml bottles of our best sellers. Available in gin, rum, whisky & vodka they're the perfect introduction to the world of craft spirits.
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