Colonsay Gin, 47% ABV


Wild Thyme Spirits, Isle of Colonsay

The driest of our unflavoured gin selection, Colonsay is juniper led with hints of Scots Pine and Citrus which makes it perfect for a classic G&T.


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Recipe inspired by the rugged Island of Colonsay

Locally sourced botanicals

Crafted by husband & wife, Finlay & Eileen

Our Insights

One for the purist out there. If you are more of a classical gin drinker and want to see how a small batch distiller can compete with the likes of a Tanqueray Export Strength in terms of quality, give this one a go. Its makes for a lovely refreshing drink and the 47% ABV shouldn’t put you off in the slightest.

From the Distiller

Colonsay Gin takes inspiration from a mixture of Celtic folklore and the natural Hebridean beauty of the wild island. Smooth and slightly sweet, as if kissed by the maiden Alva herself, strong juniper notes then transport you to a pine-fresh walk through the magnificent woodlands of Colonsay House before the flavour develops into a delicate balance of spice, peppery notes and lemon sherbet; the latter lingering as clean and refreshing as a dip in the clear blue waters of Kiloran Bay.

Perfect serve

Fill your favourite gin glass with lots of ice, a decent measure of gin and top with classic tonic, garnish with orange peel or a few slices of red chilli.

With it’s higher alcohol content and dry flavour Colonsay Gin is perfect to use in your favourite gin martini recipe.

Wild Thyme Spirits

Isle of Colonsay, Inner Hebrides

In 2016, husband and wife team, Finlay & Eileen, relocated from Oxfordshire to a self-built home on the remote island of Colonsay. They established Wild Thyme Spirits to combine their love of gin and provide a viable future for their family while contributing to the sustainability of the island. They have since built a distillery where the produce and bottle Colonsay Gin along with limited edition flavour variations as well as running a gin lover’s retreat.

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