Duke’s Brandy Liqueur, 20% ABV


Herbidean Liqueurs, Helensburgh

A deliciously sweet liqueur with an intense caramel flavour, at 20% alcohol it’s easy to sip but strong enough for the flavours of the brandy to come through at the end.


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Inspired by stories of the Duke of Wellington

Finest quality ingredients

Family run business headed by Roy & Penny

Our Insights

One of only 3 brandy products we stock, this one covers the sweeter end of the spectrum with caramel, light spices a good quality traditional XO brandy holding it all together. If you’re looking for a twist on a classic brandy or generally enjoy something sweet, this is the one for you.

From the Distiller

A sumptuous liqueur which combines Premium French XO brandy, carefully aged for 10 years in oak casks where it acquires a deep natural colour, with caramel and spices. The result: a mahogany nectar with a smooth luxurious taste that lingers long after it has been sipped.

Perfect serve

Best served on its own with a few cubes of ice or drizzled over pancakes for a bit of extra indulgence!

Hebridean Liqueurs

Helensburgh, Scotland

Roy & Penny Lewis established Hebridean Liqueurs in 1995. They are a family run business specialising in unique liqueurs and spirits inspired by their travels, research and occasionally, special requests. Each product is made to their thoroughly tested recipes and even with increased production, they wax seal all their bottles by hand.

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