Single Cask English Whisky, 60% ABV


The English Whisky Co., Norfolk

This cask strength, single malt is exceptionally smooth with a complex palate, it’s rich and oily flavour lingers long after the last sip.


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First modern whisky distillery in England

Single Cask unique to Kindred Spirits

Barley grown on site at Nelstrop family farm

Our Insights

Customers are regularly taken aback by this cask strength English Whisky, firstly because they expect the strength of the alcohol to be overpowering but are instead wowed by the incredible smoothness and rich palate. The second surprise comes from the ability of this young, English whisky being able to rival their favourite brand of Scotch!  This whisky is completely unique to us coming from a single cask stored at the St. George’s Distillery – a real treat for any whisky enthusiast.

From the Distiller

Deep rich oaky notes on the nose with hints of vanilla, morello cherries, damsons and blueberries. To taste, rich and oily on the palate with a hint of woody spices, think cinnamon and cloves.

Perfect serve

Neat, with water or ice – that’s your choice. However, many choose to add a little more water than usual to bring it closer to the bottled ABV of 40%

The English Whisky Co.

St. George’s Distillery, Norfolk

The Nelstrop family have a 600 year history of growing and processing quality grain in Norfolk. In 2006 James Nelstrop and his son, Andrew, began investigating whisky production to diversify the family business. With support from a retired Laphroig distiller, they were able to produce 29 barrels of the first English Whisky using fresh water drawn from an aquifer under the distillery and the family’s own barley. Their whisky is made in batches, with no computers, chill filtering or colouring added and, once ready, is bottled by hand on site. They now run a successful café, visitor centre and have produced over 3000 barrels of whisky.

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