Esker Gin, 42% ABV


Esker Spirits, Royal Deeside

A perfect balance of dry juniper and natural sweetness from the silver birch sap. There’s a hint of floral and spice from the botanicals to add an interesting flavour but nothing overpowering.


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The distillery is housed in a bothy on the Kincardine Estate

Their unique botanical – silver birch tree sap – is tapped on-site at the estate

Crafted by husband & wife, Steven & Lynne

Our Insights

A favourite with staff in Ambleside, this is classed as one of our more classic gins. However, classic is not to be confused with boring – Esker boasts a mix of 12 local botanicals including Silver Birch Tree Sap which adds a touch of sweetness to a lovely dry gin.

From the Distiller

Esker Gin is crisp, clean and juniper led; this classic gin has its own distinctive notes with over a dozen botanicals, locally sourced silver birch sap, citrus and a hint of our floral botanicals.

Perfect serve

Plenty of ice and mixed with a classic or pink peppercorn tonic water and garnished with orange peel. We recommend 1-part gin to 3-4 parts tonic to make sure the gin shines.

Esker Spirits

Royal Deeside, Scotland

A keen interest in gin evolved in to a successful business for husband and wife team, Steven & Lynne. Esker Gin began with 2 years of experimentation in their kitchen with a 1 litre copper still to perfect the recipe. Using a mix of 12 botanicals including locally sourced silver birch tree sap, an award winning, full flavoured gin was crafted. They began distilling in their shed, but after 12 months their popularity meant expansion to a small, family owned distillery on the Kincardine Estate, where the silver birch trees grow, was necessary.

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