Lakeland Whisky Liqueur, 20% ABV


Herbidean Liqueurs, Helensburgh

A wonderfully sweet liqueur with an initial hit of caramel and butterscotch followed by a slightly smoky flavour of whisky without the harsh alcohol flavour. Loved by staff & customers whether they’re whisky fans or not!


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Based on 18th Century Lakeland recipe

Finest quality ingredients

Family run business headed by Roy & Penny

Our Insights

We have been fortunate with our whisky range, despite it being small, the first three whisky products we started with in our Ambleside store have been so popular they are permanent offerings in the Kindred Spirits stores. If you like something slightly sweeter and a bit lighter on the alcohol, this is great to sip neat in decent measures. We are genuinely surprised at how many people claim not to like whisky and yet they seem to end up with a bottle of this in their hand!

From the Distiller

During the eighteenth century, sugar can was imported to Westmoreland in the Lake District of Northwest England. The sugar cane was caramelised and mixed with whisky distilled in the farms throughout the Lakeland Mountains to produce a smooth and warming drink. Today blending caramel, butterscotch and whisky produces the unique Lakeland taste. The liqueur has a 20% alcohol content making it easy to drink.

Perfect serve

A good measure in your favourite glass with a couple of cubes of ice or drizzled over ice cream for a grown-up treat!

Hebridean Liqueurs

Helensburgh, Scotland

Roy & Penny Lewis established Hebridean Liqueurs in 1995. They are a family run business specialising in unique liqueurs and spirits inspired by their travels, research and occasionally, special requests. Each product is made to their thoroughly tested recipes and even with increased production, they wax seal all their bottles by hand.

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