Lemon Verbena Gin, 39% ABV


Old Curiosity, Edinburgh

An award-winning, classic dry gin with a strong citrus element from the fresh lemon verbena. A great choice for a fresh, zesty G&T.


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Distilled metres from where ingredients are grown, picked and dried

The distillery herb garden is home to over 600 varieties of flowers  & herbs

The range of gin flavours are created by owner, Hamish, a keen herbologist

Our Insights

If you like a classic gin with more of a citrusy flavour this is the gin for you. Distilled with lemon verbena, which is grown by Hamish & the team at the Old Curiosity Distillery’s on-site herb garden, this gin is incredibly smooth with a fresh, zesty flavour.

From the Distiller

This clear and elegant gin is distilled using freshly hand-harvested lemon verbena from our secret herb garden over our Juniper, Coriander, Angelica, and Winter Savory base. With a beautiful, natural citrus note and a hint of lemon sherbet, this is a delightfully refreshing and satisfying dry gin with a slight salinity to the finish. Like all our gins, Lemon Verbena is 100% natural and a proud addition to our range.

Perfect serve

Serve with plenty of ice, a slice of lemon peel and a light tonic to allow the natural flavours and aromas of this remarkable gin to shine through.

The Old Curiosity Distillery

Edinburgh, Scotland

Hamish Martin is a wine merchant turned herbologist who bought a derelict plot of land in the Pentlands in 2012 with his wife Liberty. They cultivated this land into a secret herb garden with over 600 naturally grown and tendered herbs, with a café and arts centre on site. In 2016, Hamish began experimenting with a still, his hand grown herbs and gin. By accident, he discovered the magic of nature – a colour changing gin! From that, the Old Curiosity Distillery was established in 2017, offering a core range of subtly flavoured gins as well as monthly special edition.

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