Lussa Gin, 42% ABV


Lussa Distillery, Isle of Jura

The most botanical of the classic gin range; exceptionally smooth with strong floral notes followed by citrus from the lemon thyme and lemon balm.


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Crafted in a copper still called Hamish

All the botanicals are foraged or grown on the Isle of Jura

Created by neighbours Alicia, Claire & Georgina

Our Insights

A personal favourite among the Kindred Spirits Team who think that this is the best thing since sliced bread. It is not just about the taste though; we love the way the botanicals are gathered by hand and distilled in an old sheep hut on the estate. If you enjoy a more botanical gin this one is for you – it explodes with floral flavours with a fresh & citrusy finish.

From the Distiller

Lussa Gin is an expression of our landscape on the Isle of Jura off Scotland’s wild west coast. For us that means growing, gathering, and distilling local botanicals to create a fresh, zesty, smooth gin with a subtle, aromatic finish. It’s the spirit of Island Adventure!

Perfect serve

We encourage you to try this over ice with a segment of lemon – it is a wonderfully smooth gin and you can truly appreciate the different botanicals this way.

If neat spirits are not for you and you prefer a long drink, we recommend lots of ice, 1-part gin to 3 parts tonic water – either classic Indian or elderflower, and garnish with lemon or rose petals.

Lussa Gin

Ardlussa Estate, Isle of Jura

With a shared love of adventure and the wilderness of the Isle of Jura, neighbours, Alicia, Claire & Georgina decided to leave their day jobs to pursue a new venture in gin. They shared a vision that this gin should encapsulate the spirit of the Isle of Jura, and so, in an outbuilding on the Ardlussa Estate, they began experimenting with botanicals that only grow wild on the island. They began this process in Jim, a 5 litre copper still, and eventually found the perfect balance of ingredients foraged from land and sea. They are committed to the quality of their product, carrying out the entire process themselves, including collect all the ingredients by hand – which includes kayaking for sea lettuce and wading for bog myrtle. They are still based in the same outbuilding where they welcome visitors, but they have upgraded to Hamish, a 100 litre still, and in Summer 2018 celebrated their 10,000th bottle.

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