Solway Spiced Rum, 40% ABV


Solway Spirits, Cummertrees

The sweeter of our spiced rum ranges, this is very popular with those starting to explore rum for the first time. The spices are warming but not overpowering with just enough sweetness from caramel.


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Truly small batch, crafted in a 50litre still

Finest quality ingredients

Crafted by spirits enthusiast, Andrew

Our Insights

This is more of a classic spiced rum with a little kicker in the after taste. This comes in the form of the chilli and ginger that are not overly present on the first sip but linger at the tail end.

From the Distiller

Produced with our quality distilled molasses spirit infused with herbs, spices, ginger root, vanilla, and chilli. Our spiced rum has an aroma of deep warm baked dark syrup with an underlying spice, the flavour is of smooth oaked toffee with a tingling finish.

Perfect serve

Depending on your preference, this can be enjoyed on neat over ice with a slice of lime or try as a long drink with plenty of ice, ginger ale, and a slice of apple.

Solway Spirits

Cummertrees, Scotland

Andrew has always had a passion for spirits and was keen to begin distilling his own. When he found himself with a glut of apples gifted by friends and neighbours, he decided to trial a flavoured gin – apple caramel to be precise. He then began to experiment with other fresh produce, adding a unique twist on classic flavours such as rhubarb crumble gin and raspberry ripple liqueur. Solway Spirits was established in 2015 and Andrew now produces a range of spirits, flavoured gins and liqueurs in a 50 litre still in his garage – a true micro distillery!

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