Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin (38%)


Sibling Distillery, Cheltenham

A warming twist on fruit flavoured gins – this is the sweetest of the gins in our range and a definite crowd pleaser.


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A unique distilling process using molasses instead of grain

Locally sourced ingredients are prepared by hand

Crafted by 4 siblings – Felix, Clarice, Cicely & Digby

Our Insights

Another seasonal flavour that is clearly too good to be enjoyed just in the summer months as it is popular in store all year round! It’s one of the sweeter products in our range and is what we like to offer as an upmarket alternative to “pink gin”

From the Distiller

As with our original gin, this seasonal flavour is 100% made from scratch to the Sibling quality, then infused with fresh strawberries and homemade black pepper syrup. This is the perfect gin for a summer G&T.

Perfect serve

We’ve had a few serve suggestions from customers for this gin and our favourites include Lamb & Watt basil tonic, ginger ale or cloudy lemonade garnished with fresh strawberries.

Sibling Distillery

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Growing up with parents who run a microbrewery in their hometown of Cheltenham it seemed inevitable that these siblings would grow up to have some kind of role in the alcohol industry. Unfortunately, due to a ruling by the ASA we are unable to say too much about them other than that there are 2 brothers and 2 sisters, as ¾ of them are under the age of 25. However, we can tell you about their gin!

Inspired by their upbringing in which they were encouraged to do a job properly and not to cut corners, the four siblings (2 brothers & 2 sisters) decided to create a gin from scratch in a very unique way. Instead of buying in, or even making, grain neutral spirit, they use a very hands-on method of mashing sugar cane to create the cleanest of slates to impart their combination of flavours on to. They hand prepare all the botanicals for their signature gin and use the freshest, highest quality ingredients possible for their seasonally inspired flavoured gins.

The four siblings, despite not being able to feature on their own website, have been hugely successful, winning a number of awards for their signature gin as well as launching a range of seasonally inspired flavoured gins such as summery strawberry and black pepper, and wintery clementine and cranberry (although we are lucky enough to enjoy them all year round!)

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