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Keswick, a picturesque town nestled in the heart of the Lake District, offers a wealth of experiences for travellers seeking adventure, natural beauty, and cultural enrichment. From walking with alpacas to exploring ancient stone circles, here are some of the top attractions and activities that make Keswick a must-visit destination.

  1. Alpacaly Ever After: Start your Keswick adventure with a unique experience at Alpacaly Ever After. Located at Lingholm Estate, and also offering walks at Whinlatter Forest, at the foot of Cat Bells and Troutbeck, this charming activity allows you to walk alongside friendly alpacas while learning about these endearing creatures and their conservation efforts from your host. It’s an unforgettable and heart-warming encounter with nature. Search #woolyarmy on socials.
  1. Cat Bells Lakeland Walk: For those who crave outdoor adventures, the Cat Bells Lakeland Walk is a must. This moderate family friendly 3.5-mile hike takes you up Cat Bells which stands at 451 metres, taking about 3 hours. The hike provides breath taking vistas of Derwentwater, neighbouring lakes, and Derwent Water. The scenic beauty of the Lake District unfolds before your eyes with every step. Combine this with an Alpaca trek for a truly memorable day out.
  1. Castlerigg Stone Circle: Step back in time at Castlerigg Stone Circle, a historical marvel dating back to 3000 BC. One of the earliest stone circles in Britain, it sits atop High Moor and offers spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes. Explore the mysteries of ancient history in this awe-inspiring setting. With 38 stones, some up to 10 ft tall, its original purpose is unknown, but it is suspected it was a trading post, a meeting place or a place for religious ceremonies and rituals. The stones being aligned with the sun, moon and stars also indicate it may have been an ancient observatory.
  1. The Lakes Distillery: Immerse yourself in the world of artisanal spirits at The Lakes Distillery. Established in 2011 and located on the north shore of Bassenthwaite Lake, this state-of-the-art distillery boasts an artistic ethos and an impressive range of whiskies, gins, and vodka. Take a tour to learn about the craft and savour the fine spirits. They also have a Bistro on site offering a place to savour coffee and cakes, lunch, small plates or a three-course meal.
  1. Theatre by the Lake: Set against the tranquil backdrop of Derwentwater, Theatre by the Lake offers a theatrical experience like no other. With two stages, it presents nine of its own productions each year, spanning classic, modern, and new plays. National critics have lauded its remarkable performances.


  1. Lake District Wildlife Park: Just a short drive from Keswick, the Lake District Wildlife Park is a haven for animal lovers and nature enthusiasts. Surrounded by the Skiddaw Massif, this 24-acre park emphasises conservation, education, and engaging its visitors. Get up close to over 100 fascinating wildlife species, all cared for by qualified keepers.


  1. Whinlatter Forest: Explore the natural wonder of Whinlatter Forest, a World Heritage Site and England’s ont true mountain forest, that offers outdoor adventures aplenty. Hire mountain bikes, go hiking, and let your inner child roam free on the adventure playsets. The forest provides unrivalled views of Bassenthwaite Lake.
  1. The Puzzling Place: Prepare to be mystified at The Puzzling Place, an exhibition dedicated to optical illusions. Witness balls rolling uphill in the anti-gravity room, see objects grow and shrink in the Ames room, and marvel at interactive optical illusion exhibits and artworks. It’s a mind-bending experience.
  1. The Derwent Pencil Museum: Keswick is home to the world’s first pencil museum, the Derwent Pencil Museum, which traces the journey of graphite and pencil discovery from cottage industry roots to modern production. The museum offers insights into the history of this humble yet revolutionary tool. It features an enormous eight-meter colour pencil, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee pencil, miniature pencil sculptures, and even a cosy coffee shop for visitors to enjoy. Don’t miss this unique slice of Keswick’s cultural heritage.
  1. Keswick Museum: Immerse yourself in the history and culture of Keswick at the Keswick Museum. With captivating exhibitions, engaging activities, and a cafe in a glorious park setting, it’s a perfect blend of education and leisure.


  1. The Tasting Room, Keswick: a new addition from Kindred Spirits, promises a spirited journey celebrating micro-batch craft distillers across the UK. With themed and immersive events such as gin tastings, rum tastings, cocktail masterclasses, and seasonal celebrations, as well as corporate and private hire, it offers the perfect evening activity for those looking for something a bit different in an intimate setting.

Keswick offers a diverse range of experiences, from thrilling adventures in the great outdoors to cultural enrichment in its museums and theatres. To make the most of your visit, consider trying ghyll scrambling and other adventurous outdoor activities with Keswick Adventures or embarking on a full-day Mountain Goat tour. These tours provide insights into the English countryside, Lakeland landscapes, and top attractions, including Castle Rigg Stone Circle, Honister Pass, lake cruises (summer only) and the charming streets of Keswick itself.

No matter your interests, Keswick promises a memorable and enriching journey through its unique blend of nature, culture, and history.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out and explore our wonderful town and all it has to offer.

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