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Scottish Distillers

Scotland is where the Kindred Spirits journey began, with Oliver & Tasha (the owners) living in Glasgow while they created their plan for the first store just south of the border in Ambleside. It was the perfect place to start with so many talented small batch craft distillers coming from the area.

To this day, one of the first distillers they visited is still one of their favourites. It encapsulates everything that Kindred Spirits is about: small scale distilling with ingredients local to them, with passionate producers that wanted to make a product that encapsulated their area.

We are talking about the ladies from Lussa Gin who create a botanically heavy gin, that’s great with a frozen segment of Lemon and a classic tonic.

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  • Valencian Orange Gin

    40% ABV
    Classic Esker Gin with it’s trademark silver birch tree sap is given a citrus twist with the addition of valencian oranges for a sweet juicy…
  • Apple Caramel Gin

    40% ABV
    A winning combination that’s very popular in store. Initially very sweet with caramel and fresh apples followed by a slightly dry finish from the juniper.
  • Esker Gin

    42% ABV
    A perfect balance of dry juniper and natural sweetness from the silver birch sap. There’s a hint of floral and spice from the botanicals to…
  • Rhubarb Crumble Gin

    40% ABV
    A classic flavour combination it’s not surprising this is one of our best-selling gins! It’s one of the drier flavours as it’s not sweetened which…
  • Pink Elderflower & Jasmine Gin

    39% ABV
    A delicate pink gin flavoured with flowers & herbs grown in the distilleries on-site herb garden. An aromatic and floral flavour which is nicely balanced…


  • Pilot Rum

    40% ABV
    Made using the finest, sustainably-sourced sugarcane and molasses from the Caribbean, Pilot Rum is then matured in former Highland Whisky casks. A mellow flavour of…
  • Solway Spiced Rum

    40% ABV
    The sweeter of our spiced rum ranges, this is very popular with those starting to explore rum for the first time. The spices are warming…


  • Lakeland Whisky Liqueur

    20% ABV
    A wonderfully sweet liqueur with an initial hit of caramel and butterscotch followed by a slightly smoky flavour of whisky without the harsh alcohol flavour.…


  • Scottish Raspberry Vodka

    40% ABV
    An ultra smooth vodka base, enhanced by Esker’s trademark silver birch tree sap, with the delightful addition of sweet, juicy Scottish raspberries.
  • Orange & Pomegranate Vodka

    40% ABV
    An ultra smooth vodka base enhanced by Esker’s trademark silver birch tree sap given a taste of summer with zesty Spanish oranges and soft pomegranate.
  • Treacle Toffee Vodka

    37.5% ABV
    A full strength toffee vodka which combines the rich, sweet and slightly bitter & burnt notes of treacle toffee with a kick of vodka to…

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