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Northern England Distillers

We love to celebrate the best of our area, and we are not stuck for great local spirits surrounding our 3 stores in Cumbria and Yorkshire.

We love the small-scale, the hand foraged and the traditional. We want spirits that are made with integrity using local ingredients where possible. And that’s what we get in abundance from our distillers in the north.

Whether its coming from Brindle Distillery farm in Lancashire where they use their home-grown grain, to distillers on the Yorkshire coast trying to capture local flavours with foraged sugar kelp (Whitby Gin) and Yorkshire Wolds Lavender and Honey (Hooting Owl Distillery), they all go above and beyond when incorporating local ingredients into their spirits.

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  • Bramble & Bay Gin

    38% ABV
    A perfect match of sweet brambles and savoury bay leaf underpinned with botanical notes of juniper, heather, honey and sugar kelp. A beautifully balanced fruit-led,…
  • Cuckoo Sloedown Gin

    39% ABV
    LIMITED EDITION - Cuckoo Sunshine Gin is infused with locally picked Sloeberries, Gaultheria Berries, Blackberries and honey for a punchy take on this autumnal classic.
  • Cuckoo Supernova Gin

    44% ABV
    This gin is over three years in the making with lots of experimenting in order to create an explosion of flavour without the use of…
  • East Yorkshire Gin

    40% ABV
    Inspired by the Yorkshire coastline with a combination of local botanicals including sea kelp, dandelion, lavender & hawthorne which blends effortlessly with juniper and citrus…
  • Fancy Frolic Gin

    43% ABV
    With three types of lime (leaf, petals & zest) this classic gin has an abundance of zesty citrus flavour balanced beautifully by the addition of…
  • Lakeland Moon Snowfell Gin

    40% ABV
    A clean & uplifting London Dry Gin boasting fragrant juniper, citrus notes from lemon, orange & grapefruit peel followed by angelica root and a warmth…
  • Elderflower Gin Liqueur

    30% ABV
    Hand-picked elderflowers are infused with Dry Gin using traditional methods for a gin liqueur with a delightfully delicate floral taste combined with a subtle aroma
  • Raspberry Bakewell Gin Liqueur

    20% ABV
    Following traditional flavours of a Bakewell Tart (no cherries in sight!) this liqueur has a sweet tang of raspberry complemented by soft almond and a…
  • Cuckoo Solace Gin

    41% ABV
    Well rounded and juniper rich with a savoury combination of rosemary, lemon-thyme, olives and a zesty hit of grapefruit. Complementing the cuckoo classic botanicals of…
  • Damson Gin Liqueur

    22% ABV
    Summer ripened damsons are grown on the Yorkshire Wolds and steeped in London Gin with sugar for at least 8 months, the result is a…
  • Cuckoo Spiced Gin

    42% ABV
    A classic gin with a twist – the spiced botanicals give this gin a warm flavour without being overpowering.
  • Cuckoo Sunshine Gin

    40% ABV
    Classic Cuckoo Gin is distilled with fresh raspberries and honey to create sunshine in a glass! It’s a lovely fresh flavour with a subtle sweetness…


  • Piña Edition Spiced Rum

    A playful, fruity take on spiced rum with an infusion of whole pineapples and essential oils from the bark for sweetness which is underpinned by…
  • Single Origin Spiced Rum

    41.50% ABV
    Aged in English oak this spiced rum has a gentle palate of clove, cinnamon, Yorkshire heather and orange peel which is balanced by a subtle…
  • Sundowner Rum

    38% ABV
    Aged for over 6 months in ex-bourbon barrels then lightly infused with vanilla, cinnamon, clove, ginger and local honey for a balance of warmth and…


  • Sloe Gold Whisky Liqueur

    27.70% ABV
    A unique flavour with a high concentration of sloes to whisky, there's a prominent taste of aromatic cherry from the sloes with a touch of…


  • Sea Salt Caramel Vodka Liqueur

    30% ABV
    The smooth caramel is complemented by the sea salt to give this vodka a distinctive flavour. Smooth & sweet with just enough salt to tingle…
  • Strawberry Vodka Liqueur

    24.5% ABV
    Fresh strawberries are steeped in vodka to produce a smooth and fruity liqueur bursting with a sweet berry flavour

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