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Sibling Distillery


Growing up, our parents motto was always ‘If you want something done properly, do it yourself’. We never knew how much this had rubbed off on us until we set about building a business plan for our distillery and found it very difficult to let anyone else be involved! This is why from creating our own base spirit through to bottling our gin, we do it all ourselves on site (which explains our lack of social life!).

Although our values of hard work and no shortcuts are old fashioned, our gins certainly are not. We have combined the hands-on process of mashing in our cane sugar base (using a canoe paddle – we’ve found it works best…) and preparing our fresh fruits and other botanicals, with a state of the art glass, stainless steel and copper distillery and a beautifully modern set of botanical flavours. We value the traditional methods of distilling, but we are still happy to push the boundaries and add our own creativity.

Our parents run a micro brewery in our hometown of Cheltenham, so it felt like the process of making alcohol was something which we were bound to end up doing to some extent. The four of us (two brothers and two sisters) chose to open our distillery in our hometown too, next door to our family brewery in 2014. Although young when we launched (the oldest of us, Felix, just 22 at the time) we had been surrounded by the industry for as long as we could remember and couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

Sibling Distillery Spirits

  • Cranberry & Clementine Gin

    This flavoured gin is distilled by four siblings from molasses-based spirit rather than grain giving a sweetness to start which balances with the sharpness of…
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  • Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin

    Another seasonal flavour that is clearly too good to be enjoyed just in the summer months as it is popular in store all year round!…
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  • Lemon & Rosemary Gin

    Sibling classic gin is 100% made from scratch then infused with fresh lemon zest & rosemary for a perfect combination of spring flavours.
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Sibling Distillery

"The easy option doesn’t often yield the best results. For this reason we have not cut corners at any stage of the distilling process. Unlike many, we do not buy in a neutral spirit, but instead create a spectacularly high quality vodka from scratch – average isn’t our thing!"

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Apple Eau de Vie infused with Somerset Morello cherries. Rich & fragrant with a hint of almonds.


Apple Eau de Vie infused with Somerset Morello cherries. Rich & fragrant with a hint of almonds.


Perfect Serve: Cranberry & Clementine Gin

Serve Suggestion:
Cranberry &
Clementine Gin

50ml Cranberry & Clementine Gin
40ml Elderflower Liqueur
Juice of half a lemon
Fresh cranberries (optional)

Add all ingredients into a cocktail
shaker filled with ice & shake, shake shake!

Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with fresh cranberries threaded on a stick (or a slice of orange)

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