Standard UK Delivery £5.95 | Free on orders over £40
Standard UK Delivery £5.95 | Free on orders over £40

A bottle to be refilled
again and again…

With products from over 20 British craft distilleries available in our refill pouches you can enjoy up to 60 different spirits in the same bottle.

What’s so good about it…


Refills are the way forward. They're more environmentally friendly to ship, and easier to recycle and available in our full range


By choosing a Bottle for Life you're reducing glass bottle production and keeping them out of the recycling bin

Interchangeable Tags

With our unique tag system you can choose to refill from our full range of 60+ products regardless of the original contents

Save money

By buying a bottle once and refilling over and over you're only paying for one glass bottle saving you at least 15% on every purchase

The Bottle for Life Range

Bring the Kindred Spirits Experience home our unique product concept includes samples, tasting cards & a full bottle of your choice. 


With over 60 British craft spirits available in refill pouches our beautiful Bottle for Life is designed to be refilled again and again.

£25.45 – £65.45

Our bespoke glassware giftpack houses our beautifully decorated bottle for life and complementing glassware. 


Already have a bottle for life?

Time to refill it with something tasty. Head over to our refills section where you can select a 500ml refill pouch of your chosen spirit.

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