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Bottle for Life Tasting Pack

Bring the Kindred Spirits Experience from our stores to your home with our unique product concept. Complete with a trio of samples, information cards & a mini spey glass this set has everything required for a relaxed tasting at home with the bonus of a full bottle of craft spirits at the end!

We’ve discovered in our stores customers appreciate the flexibility of this gift so we offer 2 ways to experience this pack:

Option 1: Choose any spirit from our range that will fill the Bottle for Life in the pack, then the samples can be used to decide which product you’d like to try next with one of our refills

Option 2: Select an empty bottle. Taste the samples at home, decide on a favourite & redeem the voucher code included against a pouch. This will be posted out ready to fill the Bottle for Life – a great option if you’re unsure of what the recipient might like.

All products are between 20% and 44% ABV


Step 1: Choose your 3 Samples

Broaden your horizons with 3 miniature bottles of best sellers from your chosen category

Step 2: Fill your bottle

Choose your Spirit

Fill it if you know what you want now, OR get an empty bottle with a voucher code and choose your spirit later

Include gift card

How it Works…


Each Bottle for Life Tasting Kitcomes with three samples for you to try and we also include further recommendations based on which one is your favourite.


This is where the real fun begins. Explore our website and select the spirit of your choice. Then just redeem your Bottle for Life gift voucher against your chosen spirit and a pouch will be sent out directly to your door.


Once the pouch has arrived, simply fill up your Bottle for Life and begin enjoying your chosen craft spirit. When you're done, just order another pouch of the


Visiting a Kindred Spirits store is a unique experience. We pride ourselves on our staff’s expert guidance helping to match customers with the perfect tipple, offering samples from our full range of craft spirits to be sure they’ve found a winner.

We wanted to be able to offer a similar experience online whether for new customers shopping with us for the first time or sending a gift to a loved one with particular tastes! And so, we developed the Bottle for Life Tasting Pack, AKA ” The Kindred Spirits Experience” – we hope it helps you to discover your new favourite drink.


Spoilt for choice? Try a tasting set!

Find your new favourite drink with our tasting sets including 5 x 50ml bottles of our best sellers. Available in gin, rum, whisky & vodka they’re the perfect introduction into the world of craft spirits.

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