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Tasting Events
at Kindred Spirits

We are currently working on our calendar of events
for 2024 - check back soon for updates.

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We can accommodate groups of up to 30 people for gin, rum or whisky tasting, cocktail masterclasses or something bespoke. We have the perfect space for a relaxed stag or hen do, birthday party, corporate or team building event or any other kind of celebration!

All upcoming events

Join us at our exclusive Keswick Tasting Room  discovering the best of British Craft Spirits. 

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Cocktails & Perfect Serves

Up to 30 people

Up to 2.5 hours

£10.00-£40.00 per person

Gin Tasting with Solway Spirits

Embark on a tantalising gin odyssey with Solway Spirits at our exclusive gin tasting evening.

Immerse yourself in the world of Solway Spirits flavours as we present an array of their unique gins, including the tempting Apple Caramel Gin, the delightful Rhubarb Crumble Gin, a timeless Classic Dry Gin, and the exotic Mediterranean Gin. Let your taste buds dance through this diverse gin experience, sipping each concoction neat and as perfect serves.

Delve into the enchanting tales of juniper—the heart of gin—learning about its historical significance and how it has shaped the world of spirits. From ancient times to modern-day mixology, juniper’s story unfolds.

To conclude this gin-soaked soirée, our skilled team will craft you a perfect serve of your choice, a befitting finale to a night of discovery and delight.

What do you get?

  1. Arrival G&T and shop floor introduction
  2. A variety of neat tastings presented by Andrew from Solway Spirits
  3. A perfect serve of your choice based on the tastings you’ve experienced
Where: KESWICK at 7pm on Friday 1st December 2023

4 tastings and 2 drinks per guest

20 guests max

2 hours

£15.00 per person

Cocktail Masterclass

Indulge in an evening of mastering mixology.

Join us for a delightful and all-inclusive Cocktail Masterclass, where you’ll have the chance to craft four classic cocktails with a kindred twist.

Discover the art of mixology as you (re) create timeless classics like the refreshing Mojito, and the exotic Passion Fruit Martini. 

We provide all the equipment you need, making it an effortless and enjoyable experience for everyone. It’s a night of fun, flavour, and fantastic memories in the making. Don’t miss out on this fantastic evening of cocktail creation.

Where: KESWICK at 7.30pm on Saturday 9th December

2 cocktails per guest

16 guests max

2 hours

£25.00 per person

Whisky Tasting with The English Distillery

Introducing The English Distillery. England’s oldest registered whisky distillery. Founded by the Nelstrop family in Norfolk, the distillery is still independent and creates multi-award-winning whisky from honest, local ingredients.

The English Whisky distillery made history in 2006 by becoming the first registered operational whisky distillery in England after a century-long hiatus, crafting England’s finest single malt whisky.

Join us for a night of discovery as we explore their exceptional range of whisky offerings. Sample their robust cask strength unpeated whisky, savour the unique character of their Norfolk grain whisky, and be enchanted by the rich flavours of their English sherry matured whisky. For those who appreciate a peaty punch, their peated cask strength whisky will take you on a journey of smoky delight. And don’t miss the Norfolk PX liqueur, a marriage of single malt whisky and delicious Pedro Ximenez sherry, blended together then matured in specially selected oak casks for years creating a truly special and rich experience.

This is your opportunity to dive into the world of English whisky, guided by the experts themselves. Let The English Distillery take you on a whisky adventure. Raise your glass to an evening of history, craftsmanship, and exquisite liquid gold.


Where: KESWICK at 5.30pm on Thursday 14th December 2023

3 tastings, 1 drink per guest

24 guests max

2 hours

£10.00 per person

Gin & Vodka Tasting with Brindle Distillery

An extraordinary gin and vodka tasting evening is set at our Tasting Room, hosted by the brilliant minds at Brindle Distillery, creators of the renowned Cuckoo brand. Venture into the world of exquisite spirits with a Gin and Vodka Tasting that will transport your taste buds to the heart of Lancashire’s Holmes Farm.

Savour the essence of the Cuckoo’s nest in every sip as you sample a stunning selection of spirits, including the Sloedown Gin infused with Sloe berries, the zesty and celestial Supernova Gin, and the juniper rich Solace Gin. Delight in the complexity of the Cask Aged Spiced Gin and the timeless allure of the Cuckoo Signature Gin, a “proper” London Dry Gin.

But that’s not all! Our evening also unveils a remarkable new vodka – Sea Salt and Vanilla Vodka . It’s a journey through Brindle Distillery’s distilling mastery that you won’t want to miss. Secure your spot for an evening of spirit exploration in the Cuckoo’s nest.

What do you get?

  1. Arrival G&T and shop floor introduction
  2. A variety of neat tastings presented by the folks at Brindle Distillery 
  3. A perfect serve of your choice based on the tastings you’ve experienced
Where: KESWICK at 7pm on Saturday 16th December 2023

4 tastings and 2 drinks per guest

24 guests max

2 hours

£15.00 per person

Secret Santa Cocktails

A fun and hilarious evening of mixology madness with a unique twist – Secret Santa Cocktails!

Upon arrival, draw the name of a fellow guest or just nominate your Wife, Husband, Mother, Brother or best mate and go on a journey to craft a personalised cocktail just for them.

Everyone will fill out a short form, sharing your cocktail preferences. Then it is up to your opposite wannabe mixologist to create up something on your behalf.

This is where we let the mystery unfold as guests create, shake or stir their very own cocktail for the person they’re drawn with making this part 

Prepare to be amazed or maybe a little underwhelmed as each guest presents their carefully crafted creations, revealing the inspiration behind their choice of recipe.

Sip, savour, and share feedback, rating the cocktails on taste, presentation, and creativity.

The overall winner could be up for a little prize too. 

Let the spirits flow at our Secret Santa Cocktail Extravaganza – flavour, friendship, and festive fun.

What’s included?

  1. Arrival Fizz with a Festive Liqueur
  2. All equipment and Ingredients
  3. Our professional host and Cocktail Strut Cards to help guide you through making. 
  4. One Festive Cocktail especially curated by us to finish
  5. Prizes for the best Cocktails
  6. A lot of laughter
Where: KESWICK at 7pm on Thursday 21st, Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd December 2023

3 drinks per guest

16 guests max

2.5 hours

£25.00 per person

Kindred Spirits Tasting Experience

A captivating journey of discovery at our exclusive spirit-tasting experience. Delight your palate with three distinct and refined spirits, carefully selected from a range of vodkas, gins, whiskies, brandy and rums. Our hosts will guide you through the subtle complexities, unlocking the secrets behind each pour. 

As the experience unfolds, you’ll have the pleasure of choosing your perfect serve to conclude the event. Whether it’s a crisp vodka and soda, a refreshing gin and tonic, a soul-warming rum and ginger ale, a decadent liqueur with a touch of fizz, or the pure sophistication of a neat whisky – your ultimate indulgence awaits. 

Cheers to an experience of flavour, exploration, and the perfect pour!

Where: KESWICK - Every Saturday at 5pm in December - Some other dates are available, please click "book" to view.

3 neat tastings and 1 drink per guest

20 guests max

1 hour

£15.00 per person
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