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Silent Pool

Albury, Surrey

Silent Pool are one of the largest distillers we work with, but their origin story & core values are in-line with all our other producers.

In 2014 Ian McCulloch & James Shelbourne met in their local pub and discussed the idea of setting up a small, local distillery. Taking inspiration from Scottish whisky distilleries, they had a vision of creating a truly sustainable distillery next to a fresh water source producing handcrafted spirits with locally sourced ingredients.

With years of hard work & determination, this is what they have achieved with distillers Marzio, Harry & Jason. They’re using a steam boiler to power their still fired by local hardwood, their organic waste is used to create methane for electricity, the rest is turned into fertiliser. They re-use any packaging suitable for purpose, they have solar panels on their distillery roof and even recycle Silent Pool gin bottles into candles.

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Silent Pool Distillers

" With continued creativity and innovation, we look forward to bringing our customers new products whilst staying true to the town which inspires us.."

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