Cuckoo Sunshine Gin, 42% ABV


Brindle Distillery, Lancashire

Classic Cuckoo Gin is distilled with fresh raspberries and honey to create sunshine in a glass! It’s a lovely fresh flavour with a subtle sweetness that is extremely popular in store.


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Crafted in a copper still called Maggie

Dedicated to sustainability & eco-friendly processes

All raw materials are grown on site at the farm or sourced locally

Our Insights

Another producer we love – they make the base spirit of their product from the grain they grow on site at the family farm. This is one of the more heavily awarded products we have in the shop, and it’s not hard to see why. With a summery berry flavour with just enough honey to sweeten but not overpower the other flavours.

From the Distiller

Cuckoo Sunshine Gin is made with natural honey produced on our farm by Lancashire Honeybees. Honey as a substitute to sugar helps create a smooth and sweet gin and a burst of fruit from raspberries that have been infused provide an instant taste of sunshine. With cuckoo signature as the base, this gin is strong on juniper and lemon, almonds and vanilla give a creamy, nutty, and sweet taste whilst angelica, orris cinnamon and orange keep it nice and traditional.

Perfect serve

Fill your favourite glass with plenty of ice, a good measure of sunshine and top with a good quality tonic water and garnish with lemon peel or a sprig of thyme.

For an even more summery flavour, try with rose lemonade, fresh raspberries, and a slice of lemon.

Brindle Distillery

Holmes Farm, Lancashire

Holmes Farm in Brindle has been in the Singleton Family since the 1930s, unfortunately in recent years the farm hadn’t been as efficient as in its heyday (pardon the pun!).

In 2016, after studying alcohol production and gin distillation, the family applied for farm diversification funding. They worked hard to transform an area of derelict land and an old barn into thriving barley crops and a custom-made distillery. They now use the barley grown on-site to make grain neutral spirit, a laborious process, but one that affords them more control of he finished product, as well as reducing the environmental impact.

The team at Brindle Distillery do as much as possible to protect the environment including using biomass boilers, growing as many ingredients as they can on-site, using by products for packaging or animal feed and more.

Since launching their Signature Cuckoo Gin in 2017 they have expanded the range with Cuckoo Spiced Gin and Sunshine Gin as well as running events at the in-house bar, distillery tours and gin making workshops.

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